Cystic Fibrosis in Adulthood – Challenges, Symptoms, and Treatments

Almost 20 to 30 years ago, people with cystic fibrosis did not survive to attain adulthood; untimely death was common with patients suffering from this disorder. Fortunately, there has been a dramatic change in today’s scenario; there have been many remarkable changes in the medical treatments.

Researchers have developed proper understanding of this condition and have also come up with improved treatment options. Today, children with cystic fibrosis have increased life expectancy and they do reach their adulthood. Most people having this condition are healthier today and are pursuing all their aims in life like you and me.

Patients with cystic fibrosis can also live up to middle age today and have a normal life, which seems to be a miracle. Healthy children and some adults are trying to pursue a career, indulge in leisure activities, have a family life and be happy, despite of the disease. But of course, adults in their advanced stages of cystic fibrosis are likely to have lesser opportunities – they usually have a shorter life and restricted lifestyle. However, these adults are likely to benefit from all the new improved treatments and therapies that can treat the condition and, minimize the symptoms of the same. Patients can now hope for improved scientific advancements and betterment of lives in the next few years.

However, let that not give us a blurred vision. We ought to be realistic in identifying the complications associated with the condition including progressive lung damage, breathing difficulties and premature death – the eventual results of this fatal condition if lung transplantation is not considered.

Cystic fibrosis is usually diagnosed in children, specifically infants and in teens. However, adults who were not formerly diagnosed with the condition can as well be diagnosed by expert health professionals. In adults with cystic fibrosis, some symptoms manifest as the tell-tale signs of the condition, such as:

Chronic asthma
Problems with low body weight

Usually, sweat test or genetic tests can confirm the condition. It can sometimes be a challenging task to deal with the prospects of a life-shortening condition. It can be psychologically devastating as well and entails some added treatments that are intricate and time consuming during such a demanding condition in their life. Hospitalization is often needed for patients. Initial IV antibiotic treatment is given for improvement.

However, it is a relief to be properly diagnosed with the condition, as diagnosis can only lead to proper treatments, which is extremely essential.

Adult Cystic Fibrosis Treatments

Treatment in adults is the same as that of the treatments available today for children and teens. The therapies involved for treating cystic fibrosis are very important for adults along with the conventional medicines available. Extensive damage is caused to the lungs inevitably which makes the condition even more severe than in teens. Therefore, it actually becomes extremely imperative for getting the required treatments and care in order to maintain proper health conditions.

There are various steps to be taken by an adult cystic fibrosis patient:

Balanced nutrition must be maintained
Normal body weight also needs to be maintained
The lungs must be kept free from the sticky mucus
Infections must be treated promptly
It is advised to visit a heath center that provides cystic fibrosis treatment and follows regularly

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